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As an advocate of free enterprise, Kimberly Gayle enjoys speaking to entrepreneurs and business leaders through her uplifting and engaging workshops and seminars. Her three part motto: Innovate, Create, and Generate comes alive in her speaking engagements as she empowers others to be innovative and creative to produce products and services they their customers are passionate about. Her goal is to ensure that  her audience can apply practical tools to grow their business. She prides herself in ensuring that meeting and event planners can rely on her to provide quality presentations and a memorable experience for their audience. She is very flexible in terms of customizing workshops and seminars based on the audience current needs, challenges, and trends.

Take a peak of some speaking topic descriptions that have been frequently requested:

Speaking Topic Descriptions

Unleashing Your Secret Gift
With the changing downturns of the economy, it’s no wonder that professionals are experiencing at least 5 or 6 career changes in their lifetime. What’s misleading however, is that a lot of professionals follow their current career trends opposed to unleashing their “secret gift”, or in other words, the career of their dreams. It’s not uncommon to find people who will admit that they’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, author, speaker, etc., but have neglected to pursue their dreams. What prevents us from pursuing the passion that drive us? In this workshop, participants will explore and discuss their “secret gift” and begin planning strategies of being able to share their secret with the world.

 Brain Power: Become an Idea Machine and Make Something Happen
This workshop will showcase innovation and idea generation techniques to identify opportunities to start a business. It all starts with an idea, but most people don’t know how to transform that idea into a profitable business. This interactive workshop provides hands on examples and techniques to be used for participants whose mission it is to become an entrepreneur.

 Business Model Makeover: Out with the Old, In with the New
Innovation and creativity in a company are not just for the advertising and marketing experts, but can be used to redirect entire organizations into new possibilities and realize new financial gains. This presentation will share business model best practices and what industry leaders are doing to remain relevant in today’s most competitive industries.

 Niche Marketing Secrets for Start-Ups
One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is trying to market their product or service to a large general market instead of focusing on a smaller market that really values their product.  This workshop will teach entrepreneurs how to focus on their niche to increase the odds for business success, lower financial risk, and stay in business much longer.

Fake it Until You Make it: Bootstrapping Strategies for Start-Ups
Most business owners fail miserably because they spend too much too soon. Participants in this workshop will learn bootstrapping strategies and techniques to start a business and avoid costly mistakes. These strategies will allow you to look like a big fish without paying the high price ticket items other businesses do to compete.

To book Kimberly D. Gayle for your event or for more information, call 1-614-866-6681 or email kgayle@mybizrockstv.com

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